As a Workshop Presenter

Terri Crook is sharing her 20 plus years as a leader in a major government agency, by teaching young women how to become leaders. Samples of powerful workshops and seminars she can deliver to your team:

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  • Living Out Loud: An impactful process of releasing your fears to get your second win(d).
  • Building Women Leaders by Closing the Confidence Gap – transforming mindsets to heighten confidence levels towards leadership.
  • "It's Only Halftime, You're Still In The Game" – an 8-step process in redesigning your playbook to move out of your comfort zone into your calling zone.
  • Yes, there is enough time in the day – Time and Workload Management – Strategies on how to get organized and make the most of your 24 hours. 
  • Love at first sight – Speaking and dressing for respect – Guidelines to successfully make a lasting impression through speech, dress and overall presentation in representing the proper image.
  • Career Fair Boot Camp, advancing the careers of college students and those ready to elevate their current positions by getting them career ready to present and market their talents.