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It’s Only Half Time

It’s Only Half Time Your PlayBook to Your Second Win(d), a Life Planning Guide and Journal. In this book, I review tapes of my life and share lessons I’ve learned with the mismanaging of self, money, time, career and relationships. Yes, I put it out there…but I got my second win(d) and you can too with the tips shared and planning guide!

Option 1

Get a Grip on your Finances

“If I was feeling low, going shopping to buy a pair of shoes or an outfit brought me joy. If I had a presentation or was faced with a challenge, I thought buying something to wear would help me get through it. Well, it did until the bill came.”

Option 2

Get Control of Your Heart

“Often we see the signs but we are in denial. I’ve been there. Yes, armed with a college degree and professional employment, I have been minutes away from putting on a diaper and driving miles to claim what I thought was a threat to my heart…I had to uncover the cause.”

Option 3:

Most fairytales contain a wicked monster. In this instance, it was the other woman. He had found someone else and she was invading my territory.”

Book excerpts coming soon. Check back soon!

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