It's Only Half Time...Your Playbook To Your Second Win(d)

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Taking You To A Happy Place

It's Only Half-Time with Terri Crook

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What Others Are Saying . . .

“Terri has medicine for mind, body, spirit – she speaks from the basic humor that is lost in our pain. Finally, Terri pulls out the BEST in us and reveals our future.”


Dr. Gwendolyn Grant, Psychologist, Author & Speaker

“Terri is simply awesome! It is magical to watch her combine humor and wit in developing powerful messages. She brings energy in keeping audiences fully engaged.”


Les Brown Speaker, Entrepreneur & Author

“If Carole Burnett was black, she'd be Terri Crook! One of the most creative, well rounded, well spoken, ladies on the scene. Expect a power high carb experience!"


Jonathan Slocumbb Comedian, Actor & Host